Creating True Leaders of Tomorrow

6 April 2010

Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) teamed up with the California Association of Student Councils (CASC) in teaching young leaders about human rights as part of CASC’s annual Youth Action Summit of California (YASC).

With one in five students dropping out of California high schools, the need to educate high-school students to turn them into true leaders couldn’t be more urgent.

“I first starting working with CASC two years ago when they invited me to present human rights education to the attendees and I was proud to be able to do that again this year. These youth are our future and it is vital that they grow up with an understanding and respect for human rights,” said Tracie Morrow, Public Affairs Director for YHRI.

CASC is a student-led organization in existence for over sixty years. Their purpose is to improve the quality of life in the world by developing skilled, ethical and sensitive leaders of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

YHRI’s purpose is to teach young people about human rights so they become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.

Therefore two sets of seminars were held for the students as part of YASC. One was on the subject of What Are Human Rights? and the second on What Can You Do About Human Rights?